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Queenie Cadag | 14 | GUAM
I'm pretty much your average girl.
I get my love from the people who care about me. (:

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Love Me, Hate Me, it won't break me.



yung feeling na nakita mo si crush :”> chuchu

air chair baby:)

pag nadulas ka sa harap ng crush mo… ang the best na palusot: “see how i fall for you?:> old picture . inupload ko lang ulit:>

i love black and white 


Last night i was skyping with my girlfriend. It was fun. We were doing wacky faces, we were singing, cracking jokes and many more. Seeing her face on skype is like gaaahhh, i wanna die. I wish you were here with me. After an hour, the conversation got boring. she said BRB. hmm okay? i waited for like 3 hours but she didn’t come back, and i got so sleepy. another hour passed away, she still hasn’t returned. I fell asleep already. after a nap, I found out that she was skyping with another guy.


you make me smile